How to Get Only the Right People Coming to You about Your Home Business Opportunity!

In our last post, we spoke about how to eliminate rejection in network marketing

Talking about Home BusinessIn that post I told you that you need to be talking to the right people about your home business opportunity. Those people are people who are:

Already interested in starting a home business
• Already interested in network marketing
Already interested in working with you
• Already knows that they’re gonna have to make an investment
Already educated about the products

Basically…people who are ready to sign on the dotted line.

So that’s all well and good, and sounds like the perfect scenario…but… how do you get those people coming to you?

Well, it’s actually something that you’re going to have to make happen. That’s right, there’s some initial work that you’ll have to do to start the process and get the funnel going, but all in all, once that work is done once, then it’s just a matter of working with the leads that come through, and tweaking the system to convert better and better.

Are You Tired of Hearing About Attraction Marketing Yet?

Wow, it seems like everytime you turn around your hear about attraction marketing right.

And of course what I’m talking about here falls under that same realm of thinking, but I know how annoying it can be to keep hearing the same catchy terms over and over again until you’re blue in the face.

If you can remember when Barack Hussein Obama was running for president and he used the line “From Wall Street to Main Street”? It caught on, every news organization started using it, and I wanted to jump out a window each time I heard it.

Okay, I digress…

So the basic idea is to set up a system where people come to you about your home business opportunity. That system includes a few different components.

Here they are in a nutshell:

Bait: Yes it’s like fishing. And where do you go to catch the most fish. Where the fish hangout of course! Forums, news groups, job boards, etc. You know the drill. Go to the places where people who are looking for a home business opportunity hang out. Don’t forget magazines, bulletin boards, etc.

So the bait has to be something appealing and something valuable…Free Report, Videos, MP3’s, Recorded Call, Webinar, etc. Again, you know the drill, you’ve seen over and over again all over the internet and beyond.

Capture/Optin Form: Now for giving these people something free, you have to get a little something right? Email address, address, phone number, etc. The more you can get the better, but bare minimum is the email address.

This let’s you continue to show them who you are, what you’ve got, and make them like you 🙂

Value and Respect: See you never hear about this do ya? It’s very important that you send out immense value to the people who have trusted you with their information. You have to give them things that will actually educate them on what you have to offer, without annoying the crap out of them. Be yourself, be likable, and don’t try to sell to them at every turn.

Access to You: Be available. Let them know that you’re available for phone calls regarding your home business opportunity (no question is too small), instant message, whatever. Be accessible. You CAN’T hide behind your computer and be successful at network marketing. You have to be a strong leader, and show them that from the beginning.

Sign Them Up: Once you’ve given them all of the above, then you leave it up to them. By the time that they’ve come to you personally, barring some question that they may have, they should be pretty much ready to sign up.

If not then you’ve got to go through your system and figure out why. Maybe you’re not educating them properly. Here’s a secret hint. One great way to do this is through a survey. Basically just shoot them an email and say “Hey, I noticed you haven’t joined my opportunity yet, what gives? What is the reason that you haven’t joined, help me improve my system and I’ll give you a Free report, or a Free Ipod, or a Free Car or something like that”.

Alright, of course this is just a blueprint sort of run down how to get started with the process. If you really want to get some more detailed information on how to be successful with your home business opportunity then hop over to our website where we have tons and tons of training.


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