How to Develop Self Discipline and Take Your Home Business Into the Stratosphere

If you’re wondering how to develop self discipline so that you can improve your

home business,

then it’s very likely that your business is all over the place.
home business
But the good news is that most people who lack self-discipline don’t even realize that they lack it at all.

The problem is that it’s those people who never get anywhere but stuck in the same old positions in life, while the people like you go and do something about it.

The Secrets of How to Develop Self Discipline…

Self discipline is essential for a

home business

owner, especially in this day and age. The fact that when you’re a

home business

owner you’re usually sitting in front of the computer screen all day. You’re almost always connected to the internet, and Lord knows that there are plenty of distractions there.

Between email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, etc. it’s a wonder anybody gets anything done. Actually the fact is that most people don’t. Most people will get through the day, pretending like they’re busy and end up at the end of the day with no productivity to speak of.

It’s the people who focus on their discipline, and overcome all of the distractions who truly excel.

So then how do you get rock solid self discipline into your life, and not let your

home business

go down the tubes because of your lack of it?

Well the fact is that there are few steps to it.

First…, you must recognize truthfully and honestly where you lack. You may lack in several areas of discipline, but it’s important that you figure these places out. Perhaps you do spend too much time goofing off on the computer instead of doing work. Maybe you get up too late, and/or don’t start working until late.

Maybe you’re unorganized? Perhaps you just do busy work.

It’s up to you to figure this out. You know where you lack because at the end of the day, when you’re mad at yourself saying “darn it, why did I do that instead of that”…you know that the “that” is what you must change.

Second… There’s no better friend to self discipline than a schedule. A schedule of tasks that need to be done will make getting things done that you need to get done much easier. And there’s no better motivation than scratching things off of that list.

Third…Keep a tab on what you’ve accomplished. Everyday at the end of the day, write down what you did. Sort of like a diary so that you can figure out where exactly you’re wasting time. In fact it’s best if you jot down everything you did by the hour in the beginning.

Fourth… Improve little bits at a time. Pick the one biggest area of lack of self discipline, and focus on getting rid of that. Remember it takes about 21 days to break a habit – or better yet replace a habit. So give yourself time, and before you know it you’ll be much more productive, and your

home business

will be taking off in great strides.

Figuring out how to develop self discipline can at first seem daunting, but it’s not as hard as you think, and the reward is great!


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