How to Achieve Goals – How to Greatly Increase the Odds that You’re Going to Achieve Your Goals…

goal_1Have you ever set a goal and not reached it? If so you’re not alone. In fact I’m going to guess that probably every person in the world has done this… and probably many times over.

What happens that stops us from reaching goals. Hmmm, well we usually start out with great intentions right? We’ll set a goal to lose weight because we walked past a mirror and saw that little bit of extra frump hanging over the pant line. Or because we got a good whippin’ from our doctor about our health.

Or we’ll set a goal to make more money because our bossed ticked us off and now we’re determined to get out of that job and away from that mean boss.

But then tomorrow comes. Suddenly tomorrow you don’t care so much about that extra little packet of fat hanging over the belt line, and the pie is more enticing than the P90X DVD’s collecting dust on the shelf…or the gym membership card stuck somewhere between your drivers license and your insurance card.

Or maybe you go to work a week later even and realize that your boss hasn’t been all that bad. Suddenly the will to achieve goals is no longer strong enough to drive you.

So how do we set a goal, and make it stick? How do we make that will last longer than a blink of an eye.

Well first off, you have to decide if it’s a goal that you really want to pursue in the first place. Is it something that you really want? Now the important question is WHY? Why do you want to achieve this goal? What’s it going to get you in the long run? You’ve probably heard this a zillion times but the bigger the WHY the more likely you’ll succeed.

But I’m going to take it a step further, and say that the more you can get that why to a passionate boil the more likely that you’ll stay motivated for the long haul to achieve any goal.

Kicking Goal Achievement Into High Gear!

Ok so you’ve got your goal, and you’ve got a huge why. Let’s say you just started your home business, and you want to start making $3,000 a month passive income within 8 months. Your “why” is huge… You want to be able to put your kids through college so that in an unpredictable world like the one we’re in they can propel and live full lives.

Or maybe because retirement time is closing in and you don’t have enough to survive on…and um…relying on social security is just a little bit of a ridiculous expectation these days.

So we have to make sure that we’re going to actually persevere with our goals, the hard part right? Of course it is, and we all fall down sometimes like Humpty Dumpty but we need to keep getting up, brushing ourselves off, and taking our goals head on.

The best way in the world to greatly increase our chances of achieving goals is to simply make that goal PUBLIC!

Here’s the thing. One way that us humans by nature don’t like to be looked at is flaky and weak on commitment. In his book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, Robert Cialdini calls the law of Commitment and Consistency.

So when we somehow make our goals public…even sometimes to just one other person…we highly increase the chances of doggedly pursuing that goal. Mostly out of fear that if we don’t how it’s going to make us look bad. Of course the more people that you can announce your goal to the better. The more publicly the better!

What also is essential is a deadline, or many deadlines in the form of milestones. It must be realistic, yet these deadlines should push the envelope a bit.

Achieving goals is something that’s perplexed people for centuries and centuries. Anyone who says that they’ve got this mastered probably isn’t setting big enough goals. But any tricks or tools that I can use to achieve my goals I welcome with open arms!


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