MLM Marketing – Personal Branding VS. Company Branding…Which is Better?

MLM Marketing BrandingWhen it comes to MLM marketing, many people struggle with whether or not they should be doing more for personal branding, or more for company branding.

It’s a good question actually, but the truth is that it’s not a simple cut and dry answer.

You see, there’s something to be said about doing a little bit of both. But in the right ratio would be a rule to follow…

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Okay, so what’s the right ratio? How do you conduct your MLM marketing, and what do you focus on most…branding YOU or branding your MLM company.

Let’s look at the facts here…

When someone joins an MLM company, what are they really looking to do?

Are they usually looking to join an MLM company, or are they looking to join a business opportunity that will allow them to make money and have financial freedom?

If you guessed the latter, then you’re correct. Very seldom are people looking to join an MLM company. Very seldom are people really investigating companies, and their financials. The greatest majority of the times, those who join an MLM company do so because they want more money, and at that time they were ready to start making more money somehow or someway, they’re introduced to MLM by someone like you…through your MLM marketing.

So therefore, that above paragraph should tell you exactly who you need to be branding first and foremost. YOU!!

You are the one that will introduce prospects to MLM. Therefore YOU are the person that they will need to trust, and see as credible.

The way to do that is through your MLM marketing. You must show prospects that you’re the read deal, and that you can get them the results that they want. You must make them trust YOU, and your abilities. At that point, they really don’t care a whole lot about what the company is, or what it entails. They care about the fact that YOU can show them how to become financially free.

But then…

As soon as they see that you are trustworthy and credible (through social proof, and well proof in your results) then they suddenly become very interested in the way that you make money.

The suddenly become curious as to what vehicle that you’re using to make YOUR money.

That’s where branding your company comes into play… You’ve got to have some branding power from your company, to back up your own credibility.

It’s at this point that they’ll want to know what the company is, what they sell, that people like the products, that people like the opportunity, that it’s financially sound so that they’ll continue to get paid, and so on and so forth.

So this should tell you in what order that you’ll have to focus your MLM marketing efforts for the best results when it comes to branding.


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