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This is a really good blog post so check it out if you’re a blogger and want to become a “guest blogger” on other blog/websites…worth checking out and helps to create your own identity in the blog world and totally adds credibility…and kudos to one of my fav bloggers @copyblogger (#copyblogger) …always has wonderful inspiring, motivating and fabulous ideas for everyone…but awesome stuff for those of us who enjoy blogging or even writing articles and spreading the word…>>CLICK HERE
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Sharing MLM resources builds trust and success

MLM resources

MLM Resources, getting the gold standard

When we discover new ideas that help us move forward in the success of our MLM businesses, it is always a great idea to share the MLM resources that you find with other people in the community. This will help build trust and it helps bring success to your business moves as well as theirs. Having the trust of the people around you only serves to help you build your success and helps give them something to strive for. You can stand out to the people around to as someone who is not selfish and who is willing to give them ideas on resource materials and ideas that will help them find their success as well.

There may be times that others will share their MLM resources with you as well, and the whole idea of the business is to pass on the little tidbits we come across to others and keep everyone on their path to success. As you begin to see your success there will be more resources that you will find that can help you keep moving up your own path to success in your MLM business. If ever you should feel discouraged always know that there materials out there for you to help pull you back up out of that feeling and help you find the winner within you.

MLM resources, dipping into the pool

When you share your MLM resources with others it will build their trust in your ability to assist them on their path to success? This building of their trust in you not only helps you in the MLM industry but also helps them to see that true success can be gained by finding the right resources. They might even begin to look up to you as a mentor figure; this is a success all on its own. Knowing that people can come to you for suggestions on resources and on materials to read or study is a warm feeling, like fresh baked cupcakes that you eat just after they have been iced!

MLM resources on fire

Building success not only in your own business but in other people’s endeavors is beneficial to you as much as to them. You will gain the trust of people that are looking for someone who knows what they are doing and can help them find the right path to their own success. So as you can see sharing your MLM resources is never a bad idea, especially since the idea of this industry is to share and assist each other. You will find that building trust in this industry is very important to keeping this type of business up and moving forward. The keys to your success are out there to find and once you find them it is your responsibility to share them with others so that they can share them and so on. That is one of the first keys you will find, share what you know, share what you believe, and share your confidence with others so that all can benefit!


MLM Marketing – Personal Branding VS. Company Branding…Which is Better?

MLM Marketing BrandingWhen it comes to MLM marketing, many people struggle with whether or not they should be doing more for personal branding, or more for company branding.

It’s a good question actually, but the truth is that it’s not a simple cut and dry answer.

You see, there’s something to be said about doing a little bit of both. But in the right ratio would be a rule to follow…

MLM Marketing Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Efforts

Okay, so what’s the right ratio? How do you conduct your MLM marketing, and what do you focus on most…branding YOU or branding your MLM company.

Let’s look at the facts here…

When someone joins an MLM company, what are they really looking to do?

Are they usually looking to join an MLM company, or are they looking to join a business opportunity that will allow them to make money and have financial freedom?

If you guessed the latter, then you’re correct. Very seldom are people looking to join an MLM company. Very seldom are people really investigating companies, and their financials. The greatest majority of the times, those who join an MLM company do so because they want more money, and at that time they were ready to start making more money somehow or someway, they’re introduced to MLM by someone like you…through your MLM marketing.

So therefore, that above paragraph should tell you exactly who you need to be branding first and foremost. YOU!!

You are the one that will introduce prospects to MLM. Therefore YOU are the person that they will need to trust, and see as credible.

The way to do that is through your MLM marketing. You must show prospects that you’re the read deal, and that you can get them the results that they want. You must make them trust YOU, and your abilities. At that point, they really don’t care a whole lot about what the company is, or what it entails. They care about the fact that YOU can show them how to become financially free.

But then…

As soon as they see that you are trustworthy and credible (through social proof, and well proof in your results) then they suddenly become very interested in the way that you make money.

The suddenly become curious as to what vehicle that you’re using to make YOUR money.

That’s where branding your company comes into play… You’ve got to have some branding power from your company, to back up your own credibility.

It’s at this point that they’ll want to know what the company is, what they sell, that people like the products, that people like the opportunity, that it’s financially sound so that they’ll continue to get paid, and so on and so forth.

So this should tell you in what order that you’ll have to focus your MLM marketing efforts for the best results when it comes to branding.

Recruiting for Network Marketing: Why you Should Recruit Public Speakers…and How to Find Them!

recruiting_public_speakers[This is actually a continuation of a series from another blog. Here’s the original article]

Alright continuing with our series on recruiting professionals into your Network Marketing business…I wanted to go over one of my favorite choices – Public Speakers!

There are quite a few reasons why public speakers are incredible prospects for the network marketing industry. I’m going to go over the biggest of them in this article.

Why They’re Great Prospects…

First of all let’s talk about the obvious. Public speakers make a living at and are fully comfortable with…well…talking. Network marketing is an industry where you MUST network with others and…well…talk to them. So therefore it’s not hard to see that this is a perfect match.

These are individuals who are perfectly comfortable in their own skin, and actually enjoy talking with people. They have the courage to do it without thinking twice about it. Continue reading

Why Local Should Be in Your MLM Game Plan!

building_business_locally2With so many of the internet network marketing gurus out there trash talking traditional MLM, many new people are starting to get the false impression that these tactics don’t work.

These self appraised gurus will tell you that going after a local community to build your business is a terrible idea, blah, blah, blah. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, I’ve said it over and over again… I’ve seen thousands of people succeed in MLM by using the tactics that I have used.

If you’re skipping your local market then you’re making a huge mistake. Sure the fact that the internet creates a significant global reach would be silly to ignore, but there is no doubt that the best builders in your business will be the ones that you know and sponsor personally, face to face.

Continue reading