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MLM Tips – How Important is Passion When It Comes to Success in MLM

MLM TipsOf course when you’re constantly doling out MLM tips, you sometimes feel like a broken record.

You give out tips on prospecting, running your business,mindset, marketing, and the list seems to never end. There’s always some new problem that creeps up, or some new question that people need answered.

One of the things that I don’t think people pay enough attention to, in ANY area of life, is how important PASSION is to your success.

I believe it was Mark Twain who said “The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.” In other words Twain says to either do what you love doing as a career, or you may even take it as learn to love what you do as your career, if you don’t already.

It can go either way I suppose.

The fact is that passion can drive you further than nearly anything else. Passion can be the driving force of success. Passion fuels motivation, perseverance, inspiration, determination, confidence, and self esteem.

One of the Greatest MLM Tips You Can Ever Act On Is to Create or Identify Your Passion for Your Business

Have you ever tried to do something that you didn’t have passion for? Maybe you were dragged to play a sport that you weren’t particularly into. How did you perform? As well as you would with a sport that you’ve always had a passion for always loved and wanted to try? Most likely not. And most likely you had no fun doing it?

On the flip side, think of something that you’ve done recently that had passion behind it. How did that turn out? Even if you didn’t do great at whatever it was, I bet you had a ton of fun right? You probably enjoyed it much more, and you probably have a new found desire to do more of it.

That’s what passion has the power to do. It’s a driving force, and it can take your life, and your business to the moon.

Not only that, but passion is contagious. Your passion shows through when you talk about something your passionate about. Have you ever been listening to someone talk about something that they’re really into, in a passionate way? Did it compel you to want to learn more about it, or try it out with them?

Again, on the flip side, did you ever have to sit and listen to someone drone on about something, that you could tell that even they weren’t passionate about. Like someone talking about their job, that they don’t really like, but that’s all they really talk about? How did that make you feel?

Besides boring you to death, it probably made you feel a little sorry for that person. You see, the absence of passion is almost revolting, so why would you want to do something without passion?

Now the thing is that sometimes, you have to dig a little to find where you passion lies for something.
For instance, when it comes to giving MLM tips, a lot of people will say that they hate the part of the business where they have to do cold calls. But when digging a little deeper, and talking with them, I’ll see that they actually passionate about being social, and talking to people, and being at parties. So we’ll talk about an alternative method of marketing their MLM business, and how they can build their business through home presentations, home parties, or even focus a great deal of their business by helping their downline with presentations that THEY set up.

So instead of having to do the cold calling, instead they’ll let their downline members do that, and then they’ll close them by doing the social part of the presentation. Once they find their passion, they go on to create huge success for themselves. That’s what Passion can do for you.

Just as well, sometimes your passion is what affect your MLM has on your life, or others lives. If your family is your passion, well you can let that drive you by thinking of all the great things you and your family can do together with your MLM success.

Or if your passion is helping others, then you can see how your MLM products help people’s lives for the better, and that can drive you to sell tons and tons of those products, and have others do the same.

The thing is that once you find where your passion lies, then you simply won’t have to bother looking for a bunch of MLM tips on how to run your business…your passion will drive you to do exactly that.

MLM Tips – One of the Best Ways to Get Your Business to the Next Level

MLM Tips to Get to the Next LevelAlright so it’s time for some more MLM tips to get your business crankin!

Today’s tips are for those who are ready to take their business to the next level. It’s not for everyone, I will admit that…but if you’re not ready yet no worries. If you keep working your butt off you will be and sooner than you think.

What I want to talk about today is something that people in this industry don’t do enough of. I’m talking about outsourcing.

Outsourcing is a great way for you to a) get more done in your business b)free yourself up to do the things that YOU are good at c) a great way to leverage an already leveraged business.

Now you may be wondering what sorts of things that you can outsource, and that’s a good question. After all, MLM is supposed to be about going out, talking to people about your business opportunity, sitting down with them and going over the details, and then signing them up right?

Well these days with the internet, your online activities can easily take up a ton of your time. If you’re truly doing MLM using internet marketing tactics, then you’ve got your hands full.

You’re building websites and blogs, writing content, building a list of prospects, back linking, social networking, and the list goes on and on. It’s an unlimited cornucopia of tactics that you may be involved in.

So you find yourself at the end of your day wishing that you could have gotten to one thing, but couldn’t because you were doing another. And very often this slows down your progress because these things are all intertwined.

For instance it’s great if you have a website or blog, but if you’re not adding content or getting backlinks, then you may not be getting visitors anyway.

MLM Tips on How to Start Outsourcing at Your Pace

So more than likely you’re not ready to go full force yet when it comes to outsourcing. But there are probably some tasks that you either don’t like doing, or are not as good at as someone else might be. Maybe you can do it, but it takes you five times as long.

Well those would be the places to start with outsourcing.

For instance if creating a website isn’t your cup of tea, but you like to have a lot of mini-sites out there hosting your content, or acting as lead capture pages…then that might very well be the best place for you to start your outsourcing. Just imagine how much of your time that will free up. You can simply find a webmaster, and have them put together the package for you, and you monitor the progress. Easy peasy!!

How about writing content? If writing content isn’t your thing, then you’re better off hiring someone to write it for you. Chances are that if you hire a good writer who understands SEO and conversion, you’ll begin getting more leads, and convert more of those leads into buyers.

You can even outsource someone to make your calls to your prospects for you. Perhaps you enjoy all the things, or are good at all of the things that get you the leads online, but you’re terrible on the phone. Well you could hire a sells professional, offer them a fee of half of whatever your fast start bonus is, or first month’s commission is, and let them do the closing for you. You’ll end up making much more money in the long run by letting them use their strengths while you use yours.

MLM Tips About Where to Find Outsourcers

There are many places to find outsourcers now. There are tons of people looking for who have amazing skills but just can’t find the work. So you can run an ad in the newspaper, Craigslist, etc. where job seekers will find your ad and respond.

Or if you want you can go to places like Elance, Guru.com, Freelancer.com, etc. and find the people who are pooled together looking for exactly that kind of work. Or even at the WarriorForum.com in the “warriors for hire” section.

Here’s a tip… Know a kid in high school or college? Most kids these days know how to build websites amazingly. The great part is that they’ll work for gas money, so you can get good work done and rock bottom prices, and then simply groom them toward your business. And when you have a longtime freelancer working for you, where they understand your business and what you’re looking for, life gets increasingly easier.

Finding new freelancers is the hardest part.

Alright so remember one thing. These MLM tips are written so that you can use them…so take action now!