There are tools that most

network marketing

professionals never touch for their business. Today lesson is about webinars, live and recorded versions that can help you reach new prospects in an effective manner. Webinars are a popular instrument to conduct business! They are used to make a presentation to a large audience, mainly between 5-300 folks at one time. Imagine the possibility of converting at least 10%-20% of an audience of that size. There are two formats that you can implement, a live version or a recorded one. There are advantages to both but the realistic value to a live one is a bit lower than a recorded one.

network marketing

network marketing

value stems from the perceived value from the prospect. If web visitors look at your site and do not find value at all, you are in big problems. There is too much fluff and not enough horsepower on most sites today. The best way to achieve the desired value is offer a webinar that presents your business opportunity to a selected few individuals. If you are planning on a live webinar, you should take at least two months to prepare for the event. This means preparing the material and promotional aspect for the business. Some marketers have a problem with public speaking and it presents a large problem.

For those

network marketing

pros that have trouble with public speaking, a recorded webinar may work best. Live webinars presents you an opportunity to network and build up relationships with a large chance of a conversion. This is the time to present your information in an easy format, such as slides and eDocs. Sharing content has never been easier; there are ton of webinar platforms with ways to share content. The downside to a live webinar is that you do not get a second chance to fix a mistake. You can offer a free webinar to paid events and more. Live or prerecorded events offer you a chance to capture more leads that are hotter than the rest.

Before we finish up about webinars, we should quickly cover recorded webinars.

Network marketing

is about using time in a productive fashion. Recorded webinars are valuable, interested prospects can log into the even and listen or view it without commercial interruptions. They offer you free time in the future to handle other events. You could record an event, once a month for your team, prospects or for promotional purposes.


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