Network Marketing – The Value of Information

Do you know the value of information for your

network marketing

business? The value is not what we place on it, but from the prospect’s perspective and engagement. You can create 1,000 pieces of content and have no value. More often than not, the value that we place on the content drifts in from our perspective without regards to the needs of our prospects. This is a sad way to market; fortunately, you can change this mindset by focusing down on your prospect’s profile. Before you run off to another blog to read for an unrealistic answer, think about how you have analyzed your prospects. How much do you know about them and their way of thinking?

network marketing

If you cannot answer this question, it is time for you to take time to create a buyer’s persona. The buyer’s persona is a collection of information that you will use to create a strategy from and use to push content towards. The persona drives the content planning, while your strategy drives the whole treasure hunt. Creating a buyer’s persona is not difficult and there are plenty of resources online for you to research. Now we will move beyond the persona and jump into some critical areas. You should be researching your competitors to see what they are developing and using. This does not give you a license to copy their tactics. Stick with your buyer’s persona to build your tactics.

Your competition can give you ideas on how to use tactics. You can learn a thing or two on timing. Timing is very important for any promotional effort, releasing too early can bring frustration because your audience was not ready. When you release too late in

network marketing

means that your audience has left ship for a better offer. The right timing is different for everyone, but here is a general idea, if your content is hot, and you are getting serious interest; you should start releasing your promo tactics. It takes research and planning in order to execute your campaign on the right footing.


network marketing,

the value that you give to your prospects depends on your tactics and understanding. By understanding the problems of your prospects, you can tweak content creation and channels to meet the onrush of traffic. Placing your content in the right areas can help you gain traction and focus on new areas. The other areas may dry up or show little life. Take a step back and analyze your distribution channels for your content. Producing content will require serious person-hours, if you do it alone.


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