What should Commitment mean to you as an mlm leader?


Define Commitment and Write Down

What is your definition of commitment? Write it down and post it where you can see it every day. Whatever it is, it has to have meaning and motivate you as an mlm leader. At any stage as a leader, you should be able to look at the value of your commitment and see if you agree with it. This post will not go into examples, but you must master the value of developing yourself to a higher potential. People will be counting on you as times change and life challenges you. Now is the time to make the ultimate devotion to becoming a leader.  You may never be a Randy Gage or a Brian Griffin, but you do have special traits that make you special.

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If you chose to not to define your commitment, that is up to you. You may wander around in your career wondering, why no one trusts you or wants your help. Your transparency is part of the commitment and this post is no longer for you. Hopefully, you’re a smart one and take the advice and define the commitment and stick with it. Down the road you may need to change it, and that’s fine. Right now it’s getting down in words that mean more for you than it does for someone else. It should push you to consider your values and what you value the most. If you have done this step, now move on to teaching others the value of commitment.

Teach Others the Value of Commitment

Commitment has its own value. You are allowing others an opportunity to explore the possibility of being an mlm leader.  When you know your commitment and the value, it will be easier to teach others. By educating your team, they can shuffle themselves onto the same page and become one with you. This creates a door for ongoing communication that is important in your ventures. A team that is not communicative is one trapped in a disruptive flow. This disruptive flow can hurt the business whenever it can. So this means you need to make sure that you teach commitment and the value of it to the extreme. It sounds rough, but you don’t want to lose opportunities over mistakes that could have been avoided. It’s easy to lose control of communication than to build up the trust of a prospect. But you will find a way to achieve the end result. After all you’re a leader.

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