Protect Your Mlm Business from Goldilocks; Don’t be like the three bears

The Goldilocks and Three Bears

mlm business

venture was a complete failure. Their epic failure started on mistrust and theft. If you know the story of the Goldilocks, you are free to leave, but I encourage you to take this journey to learn a bit more behind the story. As you know Goldilocks explored the forest (internet) and found the three bears place (opportunity) and instead of coming back later, she broke in. The first act of mistrust was the break in; she did not wait for the three bears. If this was a website, she may have gleamed personal data or other information. She went and explored the website and tasted the porridge (possible financial gain), the rocking chairs (methods or proven methods) and the beds (longevity for success) and she took what she wanted for herself.

mlm business

The problem for many

mlm business

owners is deciding on what they should share and what they should they reserve. Many competitors come along and data mine websites, like Goldilocks they want to try everything without making a commitment to your program. They tend to steal ideas and use it for their purposes. In some cases, they only acquire half the idea, they try to use it, and it backfires. Here come the angry emails from someone that you may have never heard of. The three bears felt shocked and anguish for having their home invaded. I bet you would too, if you have found out that your content had been stolen or taken without permission.

You can learn to prevent data theft for your

mlm business.

You need to figure out what content that you want to share generally with the public and what is for reserved for subscribers. Specialized content, such as how to’s, when’s, where’s and why’s can go either way. If you are teaching a specific lesson on how to communicate with prospects, you may want to lock it up or share it to individuals. Keep your awesome content off your website or behind a locked page. Setting up security protocols to keep your killer content away from data hackers and competition is not difficult.
There are plenty of tools that you can to your website to help you manage data security and tracking. If you can catch Goldilocks in the act, you may want to deal with them in a legal manner. You have to protect your investment or someone else will benefit from it.


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