Design a Free Mlm Business eCourse

Have you ever thought that you could win more business with a free eCourse? Maybe somewhere in the dark corner of your mind, there is a small flicker of light. Consider the possibility of this useful tool that may open new doors to other courses that are not free. Consider a free mini course, that is like 3-6 weeks long and ready to go for your subscribers. Could this be the end of a promotional block? The free eCourse could be a way for you build up your reputation as a thought leader and trainer in an industry that is always hungry for new leaders. Your mlm business may never be the same again, if you decide to launch a free session for your visitors.

mlm business

Auto Responder Setup for the eCourse
How can you get your mlm business free email course off the ground? One of the best methods to keep things smooth is using the auto responder. You can quickly edit a stylish email design, pack full of gems, and schedule it for a release. You should have enough time to create another lesson before the due date, unless you send it out right away. Schedule your course lessons accordingly, try only to send it out once a week. This will give your students, some time to review the material. You do not want them to feel rushed or stressed with too much of your mailings.

An mlm business auto responder is not difficult to set up; it will depend on whom your email-marketing host set up. Some email hosts do not offer auto responders; Mail Gen and Aweber are two that offer some amazing benefits for their consumers. You can quickly design an email template from scratch or use one from their gallery. You can reuse the same one repeatedly, by replacing the content in it for the new week. You could always decide to change templates in order to keep organized. The choice is yours to make on how to proceed. Try to keep images and videos within a structured frame to allow your students to grasp their importance.

Mlm Business eCourse promotion
The next step is to get some promotion thunder for it. Your mlm business should offer a gateway for entry into the course and offer other lures to attract your prospect into the business itself. Your email course should have at least two promotional emails throughout the course life. Some folks use more promo emails to help bring their students to new courses and engaged.

mlm business


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